We have the wrap labeler available to meet your needs.

Speedway offers a number of solutions when applying labelers to round bottles or near round bottles like mason jars. To determine the machine which is the best fit for your application, a few key points should be considered.

The ELF-50 is our entry level machine and is ideal for the manufacture making the leap from hand labeling to a semi-automatic or batch labeling. It is compact and economical but is limited to a 120mm high label.

The LM-W150 wrap labeller is made by Speedway and can be customized to meet your requirements. This machine can use a 6”, 8” or 10” tall applicator. The machine can be used a standalone piece of equipment or inline with the rest of your line. This piece of equipment is s true workhorse that will provide decades of dependable service.

The LM-W150-3PA is a wrap labeler using a prism aligned to spin the container in place. This labeler is ideal when labeling less than perfect glass containers, where orientation to a specific container feature is required or two labels is applied to the same container.

The PL-521 is a horizontal Wrap Labeler that is used to label small diameter containers such as tubes or syringes precisely and extremely fast. An automatic feeder allows operator to load up the containers, turn on the machine and collect them once completed.

Wrap Labeler (LM-W150/200 – SW)

Wrap Around Labeler (LM-W150/200-SW) This wrap around labeler is a rugged machine that will provide decades of reliable service at a economical price. This machine is very flexibly labeling round containers from 1" -7" in diameter. OverviewFeaturesSpecificationsVideoOverview This Stepper-driven machine is rugged and built to last. It will provide decades of reliable service, making it [...]

Tabletop Wrap Labeler (ELF-50)

Tabletop Wrap Labeler (ELF-50) This is the perfect entry level wrap-around-labeler for those looking for an efficient, cost-effective solution. The compact tabletop design can easily be used to label a variety of round containers from 1-6 inches (25-150 mm) with minimal time spent during changeovers. The ELF-50 has advanced sensors and easily adjustable hand wheels [...]

Prism Aligner Wrap Labeler (LM-W150/200–3PA)

Prism Aligner Wrap Labeler (LM-W150/200–3PA) This rugged machine is built to last and will provide decades of reliable service. The Prism Aligner system is ideal for tricky labelling jobs like imperfect glass bottles and applying labels to tapered containers. This is also our go-to system when a label needs to be oriented to a feature [...]

Horizontal Wrap Labeler (PL-521)

Horizontal Wrap Labeler (PL-521) The PL-521 horizontal wrap around labeler is a high speed labeling machine with a special roller conveyor and feeder which is ideal for labeling Doob Tubes. The automatic feed hopper allows precise placement of tubes on the conveyor with minimal effort. An optional printer can be mounted on this labeler to [...]

Front, back and wrap labeler (PL-622W)

Front, Back & Wrap Labeler (PL-622W) This fully automatic front, back and wrap labeler has exceptional  flexibility, speed and dependability. OverviewFeaturesSpecificationsVideoOverview The PL-622-W front, back and wrap labeler is suitable for a variety of product shapes. It allows for one- or two-sided labeling, using a touch screen control system for user-friendly, high-speed, accurate labeling.  The [...]

Custom Labelers

Custom Labelers As a manufacturer of labelers, we have the capability to make a custom labeler to fit your needs. This may include integrating an applicator head inside a larger machine or providing multiple applicator heads to apply more than one label at a time to the same container. Contact us with your requirement and [...]