Liquid Filling Machines

Speedway has a long history in manufacturing liquid fillers with many of the original machines still in service more than 30 years later.

When deciding on which liquid filler is best for your application, there are a number of factors that must be considered such as:
A/. Container- size (dimensions and volume), bottle opening, shape
B/. Desired production rate  in bottles per minute (BPM)
C/. Product- viscosity, special characteristics such as does it foam when filled, is it caustic or acidic, is it flammable, or is the product abrasive?

Speedway provides three types of liquid fillers: overflow filler, metering pump filler and piston filler.

Trait Overflow  filler Metering Pump Piston Filler
Fill Type All bottles fill to a specific level All bottles fill to a specific volume All bottles fill to a specific volume
Suited to Glass bottles Plastic bottles Plastic bottles
Accuracy Function of bottle High High
Product Moderate viscosity moderate and high viscosity Moderate and very high viscosity
Speed Moderate High High if bottle volume equal or less than cylinder size
Foaming Products Poor Excellent with diving nozzles Excellent with diving nozzles
Cost Economical Higher Moderate

Overflow Filler
LF90 Series

Volumetric Gear Pump Filler
MP90- NG Series

Piston Filler
PF10 Series