Overflow Filler

This type of filler is an economical approach to filling liquids with moderate too low viscosities. A single large pump supplies multiple nozzles via a common manifold. When the nozzles come down to meet the opening off the bottle, they make an air tight seal around the bottle opening. As the product is pumped into the bottle, air escapes through a port in the nozzle. When the product is filled to the nozzle port opening, the product  flows back into the supply tank via a return hose.

Timing of the fill cycle is set to ensure that all bottles get filled equally and  the overflow portion of the cycle is kept to a minimum.

Although these machines are very versatile, they are not suitable for products that foam since the product and air gets recirculated back into the fill tank.

This style machine is limited to nozzles of 3/8” in diameter or larger

LF90CA-PD Inline Overflow Filler
LF90CA-C Inline Overflow Filler
Fully Automatic Liquid Filler

LF90ST-PD Inline Overflow Filler
LF90ST-C Inline Overflow Filler
Semi Automatic Liquid Filler