Wrap Labeler (LM-W150/200 – SW)

Wrap Around Labeler (LM-W150/200-SW)

This wrap around labeler is a rugged machine that will provide decades of reliable service at a economical price. This machine is very flexibly labeling round containers from 1″ -7″ in diameter.

This Stepper-driven machine is rugged and built to last. It will provide decades of reliable service, making it an excellent option in terms of cost and performance.  The stainless steel construction ensures it will withstand the rigours of daily use and harsh environments. An intuitive touch screen means operation is a breeze.  Simple adjustments can be made with no need for tools, allowing multiple bottles sizes to be run with minimal downtime.


  • The LM-W150 allows for easy and quick changeovers for reliable label positioning.
  • It is very flexible and can accept a wide range of label sizes.
  • The adjustable printer dwell time adapts to different coder types.


  • The LM-W150 is made in our factory in Canada. We can customize conveyor length and width with no impact on lead time.
  • We offer many options including applicator size upgrade, labelling speed upgrade and custom wrap belt sizes.


  • The machine’s integrated missing label detection prevents mislabeling.
  • The Stepper motor drive ensures great accuracy.


  • The LM-W150’s touch screen control provides fast and easy setup.
  • The machine ensures fast labeling speeds with a small footprint.
  • Set the label position with the touch of a button – no need to adjust the sensor.
  • The integrated programmable counter can be programmed to automatically stop the machine when the chosen pre-set level is reached.


  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction.
  • Easy to reach E-stop
  • The LM-W150 is easy to integrate into a production line or to use in a stand-alone operation.
  • Casters can be added to adjustable leveling feet, allowing the machine to be easily repositioned.
Application Wrap Around Labeler
Standard Upgrade
Max Dispensing Speed 100ft/min (30m) 150 ft/min (45m)
Max Conveyor Speed 65ft/min(20m) 100ft/min(30m) or more
Dimensions and Weight
Standard Optional
Applicator Height 6″ (150mm) 8″ (200mm)
Max Label Length 20″ (500mm) As Required
Conveyor Width 6″ (150mm) As Required
Conveyor Length 91″ ( 2310mm) As Required
Maximum Container Diameter 7″ (175mm) As Required
Dimensions (L-W-H) 91″x47″x66″

(2310 x 1195 x 1675mm)

Varies as per Requirement
Approx. Net Weight 330lbs (150kg) Varies
Spool Diameter 14″ (350mm)
Inner Core 3″ (76mm)
Voltage 110  VAC 60 HZ 1 Phase
Power 8 Amps
Controls Panasonic Touch Screen
Drive 2 Phase Stepper Motor
Coding Inkjet Printer, TTO Printers, Hot Stamp Coder
Sensors Clear Label Sensor
Performance Label Driver Upgrade
Zero-Down-Time dual applicator
Mobility Adjustable Casters
Efficiency Infeed and accumulation turntables
Infeed  and collection shelf